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So for those of you who haven't been paying attention.. We've (even if just temporarily) implemented a 10M isk per month bill for each character. This has been done so we can afford the (possible) 500M isk alliance bill which will be due at the end of the month. But after Saturday's planned and Sunday's impromptu ice mining op in 6L, we may have a few ways of paying this bill on just the corp wallet, or atleast lowering the per character amount.

Even with the low participation on the ice mining ops we were able to bring in about 100M worth of Ozone, Isotopes, and Strontium. That was about 350-400ish blocks total. I know Malk probably has the exact numbers. So you could imagine what we could do if we had 6 or more mackinaws out there instead of just 3 macks , one hulk, and one retriever.

Anyway. Just so you all know, we're expecting each player to take care of their share of the alliance bill. Until we hear otherwise, we're going to assume that alts are also included in this, so each character will be responsible for 10M isk. So, I (Krandor) will be responsible for 20M isk, where as someone like Malk (who only has his one character) will only be responsible for 10M. This is done just in case we do need to pay per character, and not per player. If it turns out it'll be per player, we'll figure out a way to credit those who paid for their other characters (maybe have the extra isk go toward another month).

There have been some other ideas brought up on how to pay the bill, which we will discuss on the corp forums. Go there and please let us hear your input!

For those of you who think you'll have trouble making 10M for the corp bill, please say something! We'll be sure to help you out in some way. Spoon and I go ratting in 0.0 pretty much nightly, and you're welcome to join on those runs. Plus it'll work on our team building

Oh gawd..i just used Corporate Terminology....
krandoronMonday 09 March 2009 - 14:39:40
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