Possible new lifeblood
Legion of Black Mesa might have a new CEO soon, which means that anyone who wants can reapply and join back up. For the most part i think Legion will be used as a non-wormhole arm of those of us in Onyx. Plus we want to be able to use some of the assets Legion still has.
krandoronWednesday 17 February 2010 - 10:00:20
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Donut Master | 17 Feb : 13:27
Its about time. We have BPOs and BPCs and Orca BPO collecting dust. I think we have stuff in Arifs and in Eyster. Perhaps there is a station some where where BPCs can be created cheaply and safely. I think I saw one in a high sec system near Deszra & Co with like only a few days of wait time.
Say is Onyx friendly to Des & Bloodworks?
Thanks, Donut
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Zultimatesniper | 18 Feb : 06:09
Cool just make sure the legion would be set blue by onyx XD, and DM bloodworks is probably not gonna be friendly cause CO2 is seriously hated by the NC and onyx is blue to corp a in MM and most members are from the NC. We are friendly w/ capital storm i think....
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krandor | 18 Feb : 09:21
yeah, I think Krandor will be rejoining Legion as soon as we have a CEO that's active. Apoll0s is trying to get a petition through to start a vote for CEO, since there are some dumb arbitrary rules on how you can do that.

I'm almost tempted to try and get Lady Bandit's account from her so i can sub her for a month, make someone else CEO and then unsub her.
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