The Legion LIVES!
Over the weekend we had a resurgence in activity in the Legion! Carnes and Crooked Spoon both logged in and started playing again! Thanks to Carnes' quick actions we were able to get a vote for CEO going and elect a new CEO!


Ok, so enough of that. Here's the deal, we've decided to reform the legion with some major changes. The Legion will primarily be focused on PvP and combat (ie: anything that requires shooting the legion will do, that include missions). Those of you who are industrial characters, fret not! We have a place for you too! ONYX Heavy Industries is where we've been moving our alts/mains. There are many old friends in that corp, including borked, and prospectress. The corp is currently based out of Caldari space, but has Wormhole operations going too (Kran, Apoll0s, and DOCTOR MINDBENDER are all in the wormhole atm). ONYX is very established and looks like a good place for us to relax and make isk after a day of fighting and blowing up ships.

This being said, we will start letting people go (read kicked) from the corp who have not been online in more than a month. This is not because we don't love you, or you've done something wrong, but we need to get our member count down to a more realistic number. Those who still want to be part of the Black Mesa family are welcome to join either ONYX or LGNBM depending on where your specialty is.

Other news: the killboard has been updated to the most recent version, if any issues arise, please let me know (krandor).

krandoronMonday 22 February 2010 - 07:19:10
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Rylsetter | 22 Feb : 22:44
Alright! Congrats Baroness.
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Shylok | 23 Feb : 08:14
I aim to be back in March. I think it is good that BM moves towards a different and more focussed corp.

BTW, Star Trek Online blows donkey dick. The ship combat is OK, but the rest is meh. Very boring and no consequences to dying. So WoW in space.

Eve FTW!
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krandor | 23 Feb : 11:22
really, when was Star Trek ever exciting? it was always about the cool gadgets and the hot green chicks and phasers shooting through space
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Zultimatesniper | 23 Feb : 14:14
long live the legion!, here here
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Shylok | 25 Feb : 07:54
True. But, there were good stories too. I just think Cryptic dumbed it down too much. A lot of "go here and do these innane actions for rewards" sort of missions. Kinda like Eve, but the combat is much morer fun in Eve.

@ Baroness
I bend a knee to master.
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